Online Beauty Angels Microblading Trial Course


Get access to the first two levels of our Basic Microblade & Shade Online Course DIRECTLY under the supervision of a Beauty Angels Master Trainer. You can upgrade to our comprehensive Basic Live or Online Microblade & Shade Course within 1 month and get credit towards either course!

Course Price: $199.00 $99.00 USD

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This Course

Is For You If...

Have no experience and wish to know if a career in microblading is an option for you

Would like to feel confident you can learn microblading BEFORE purchasing the full course

Want a LOW RISK way to TRY OUT our course BEFORE buying it!


In This Course

Levels 1 & 2 of our Basic Microblading Course, along with printable worksheets

The Beauty Angels Compass shipped completely FREE! ($50 value)

30 days of ongoing support directly from A Beauty Angels Master Trainer

Access to our “Microblading Career Roadmap” Business Course! ($300 Value)

The option to upgrade to our Basic Live or Online Microblade & Shade Course within 1 month with a $99 credit!

Study Directly Under

Master Kim Phan

When you register for this course, Kim Phan will be assigned as your mentor and trainer.

Kim is an expert in Advanced Semi-Permanent Makeup procedures. Through years of training and practicing to perfect her craft, she is taking on the pleasure to share her skills with the world. With a plethora of knowledge, her main expertise focuses on  Eyebrows microblading and semi-permanent makeup eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips techniques. Having no knowledge of PMU before her first course and to get to where she is today, she can relate to students who may feel overwhelmed because that once was her. She cares for every single student the same and her success is only measured through the success of her students. Although Kim is based in Houston, her journey has taken her through all parts of the United States and even a few other countries to perform her highly demanded advanced microblading procedures. She has even hosted many classes across the county in an intimate setting. Now her journey will take her across America to teach in a larger professional setting. Her ultimate goal once was to make America pretty one lady at a time. Now she believes, perform microblading on someone and you make her pretty for years; teach someone to perform microblading and you make exponentially more ladies pretty for years.

How Does The Online Beauty Angels

Microblading Trial Course Work?

Complete the registration process.

Our team activates your course and connects you with your trainer

You receive your Beauty Angels Compass by mail for free.

With your Trainer’s mentorship over the next month, you master the first two levels of our Basic Course.

Once you feel ready and confident you want to continue on your path to a microblading career, contact us anytime within 1 month to upgrade to the Basic Live or Online Course and get a $99 credit towards either course!

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