About Me

Kim Phan

Kim is an expert in Advanced Semi-Permanent Makeup procedures. Through years of training and practicing to perfect her craft, she is taking on the pleasure to share her skills with the world. With a plethora of knowledge, her main expertise focuses on microblading semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and tattoo removal techniques.

Investing close to the majority of her life to the beauty industry comes from her deep love for art and creativity. This childhood love guided her to jump from nail salon to nail salon expressing her creativity through nail art. Wanting to learn more, she took her first microblading course. This blossomed into the greatest passion of her life, permanent makeup.

Having no knowledge of PMU before her first course and to get to where she is today, she can relate to students who may feel overwhelmed because that once was her. She cares for every single student the same and her success is only measured through the success of her students.

Although Kim is based in Houston, her journey has taken her through all parts of the United States and even a few other countries to perform her highly demanded advanced microblading procedures. She has even hosted many classes across the county in an intimate setting. Now her journey will take her across America to teach in a larger professional setting.

Her ultimate goal once was to make America pretty one lady at a time. Now she believes, perform microblading on someone and you make her pretty for years; teach someone to perform microblading and you make exponentially more ladies pretty for years.